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I always say, “There’s a reason they call them “foreign” countries.” It’s because things are foreign; they’re different. From the way things look and the way things are done. From the money, restaurants, methods of travel and, yes, the language. And, of course, everyday communication is in a different language. 

All of this can be overwhelming when all you want to do is enjoy your vacation! Give me 90 minutes and I’ll take you from concerned to comfortable! How? By drawing on my Italian upbringing, my education in Italia, all I’ve experienced during my 40 years of visiting Italia and 17 years of teaching. I always enjoy sharing my knowledge with travelers like you and hearing the positive comments (watch the videos below) when my students return from their trip to Italia. 

We’ll cover virtually everything you’ll need to know to make your stay in Italia a memorable experience. 

You’ll learn:

-How to order the best meals and wine.

-Where to exchange your money.

-How to get the best deals while shopping.

-What to do at the train station.

-How to communicate in Italian.

-The ins and outs of an Italian coffee bar. 

-The dos and don’ts of Italian culture.

-More, more, more!

My experience and ability to answer all your questions add up to an informed, educated and relaxed you. Your confidence is high, your comfort level is high and so is your IQ: your Italian Quotient! 

We can meet at a place that is convenient for you. And after our 90-minute educational and fun session, you’ll be ready to enjoy your trip to Italia.

To schedule a convenient time to meet, contact me

Atrani on the Amalfi Coast
Atrani on the Amalfi Coast

Vacation prep in our home

A little wine, food and lots helpful tips before our trip to Italia.

putting that Vacation prep to use in Italia

From Venice,  "Ciao Roberto". Thank you for all your help!