Roberto's lessons are the best!

We like learning with Roberto!

"We are now prepared for a fantastic vacation to Italy"

"Grazie Roberto not only for the language but a better understanding of the culture"

A great experience!

Excellent vacation preparation!

"Your classes were so much fun and everything we learned in the classes we used on our trip to Italy. I have been to Italy before and didn't speak any Italian. This time learning some Italian before we went completely changed our expeirence and opened up so many doors for new opportunities like finding out about lesser known places to visit, some extremely helpful tourist tips, free drinks (several times!!), cheaper prices and some amazing food!! Thank you for teaching us Italian in such a fun way!"  Jeremy & Keosha

Food + Wine = A fun way to learn!

"The teacher is wonderful. Well prepared and passionate." "Excellent class." "Class materials are fabulous."