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Italian lessons. MP3's and CD's

My 5 set of CD's guarantee you will be speaking Italian immediately!

I've recorded a set of five 60-minute Conversational Italian lessons. They are available as CD's or as MP3's.

You'll learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and how to converse in la bella lingua Italiana through listening, repetition and reading. You'll immediately begin learning and this will give you the language skills and the confidence to communicate effectively in everyday situations. Each lesson includes practice conversations and worksheets. Plus we'll raise your comfort level by sharing information about Italian culture and customs.

The CD's include:


  1. More than 150 pages of instructional material which include grammar and verb conjugation    
  2. More than 500 vocabulary words and 300 examples of grammatical usage    
  3. More than 200 worksheet questions and 75 translation exercises    
  4. Practice conversations  
  5.  “Cultural Heads-Up”. Informative segments about Italian culture and customs  

  You will also learn:      

  1. Numbers    
  2. Family titles    
  3. Hotel terminology and train travel terminology    
  4. Weather expressions    
  5. How to order coffee in an Italian cafè and much much more    

 Your newly acquired skills will allow you to:      

  1. Meet and greet   
  2. Manage your money    
  3. Know where and how to shop   
  4. Ask for directions    
  5. Make dinner, hotel and flight reservations  
  6. Read a menu and order in a restaurant   
  7. Tell time    
  8. Use public transportation    

Also included:      

  1. Illustrations of Italian currency.    Currency converter  
  2.  Illustrations of train, subway and bus tickets  
  3.  A list of Italian coffees   
  4. An apparel size conversion chart

Listen and Read

Italian lesson audio files are in the MP3 format and can be played in your default player by just clicking on them.

The text, the content of each lesson is in the PDF format. You can also print it.

To purchase

The total package is $79.95. To purchase contact me at

Enjoy listening! Here's a sample of lesson one.