La pizza Napoletana

Discover the savory magic that is la pizza napoletana in Napoli. Also learn more Italian! Words and phrases about pizza.

The best pizza a Napoli

Learn more pizza vocabulary plus where you can eat the best pizza a Napoli.


Let's toast to the good times!  Learn how to do it in Italiano.

Shopping in Italia

Let's spend some euro! Advice about shopping and helpful phrases for a pleasant, money-saving experience.

Il treno storico e la reggia di caserta

Learn some train travel vocabulary as we take you to the 1960's and back a few centuries. 

helping you learn l'italiano. Let's begin with the Vowels

To speak your best Italian we begin with the proper pronunciation of the vowels.


There are many ways to greet your friends.

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. However, the Italians have made it much less difficult with a word that also implies "you will return".

To be or not to be

That is the question! The verb essere is #1!

introduce yourself

There is someone you want to meet. Here's how you begin that conversation.

Thank you & You're welcome

Being polite and courteous are extremely important. Let us take you there with these expressions... Thank you, you're welcome and may I?

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