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Enjoy Eataly in your Home

With today's economy dining in has become the new dining out. Who said dining in has to be boring?
Imagine this, you invite some friends over for dinner then who shows up? I do!
For the next few hours you and your friends are eating, drinking and interacting in an entertaining evening of Italian-ness.
This will be an evening of fun as you learn la lingua d'amore, the language of love with some fun Italian phrases(some may even get you slapped!).
You'll learn the Italian hand gestures(these can definitely get you in trouble).
You'll learn why Italy is synonomous with romance(I'll leave early so you'll have time for....).
It's music, its games, its show and tell(we won't tell, really).
An evening of La Dolce Vita in the comfort of your home.
Call me to schedule a fun-filled evening at
or via email at ralvarez@learnitalian.us




Roberto Alvarez


Italy is Art, Italy is Food, Italy is Music, Italy is Cinema, Italy is its People, Italy is its Language

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