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1.   What should I bring to class?

Bring enthusiasm and an open mind to a new experience. This is all about learning in a fun and a stress free environment. We combine language and culture and share with you our travel experience in Italy. Unless you have a photographic memory bring a notebook so you can take notes and review what youíre learning.

2.    Do I need to purchase a textbook?

A textbook is not required however one that I will occasionally refer to is called ďLearning Italian the Fast and Fun WayĒ published by Barronís. Having a textbook is an excellent way to review what youíre learning and prepare for upcoming lessons.

3.     Are there tests or homework?

No, No, No. This isnít high school nor is it college. Remember this is about learning in a fun and stress free environment. The amount of time you can study and review your notes is up to you. Our philosophy is that we will teach and itís your responsibility to learn. The methods you use to absorb what we teach are up to you.

4.     What happens if I miss a class?

Youíll need a note from your mother, just kidding. Our goal is to see you learn and we donít want you to miss a lesson so we have two options. You can attend another regularly scheduled class because we are on the same schedule or we can meet one on one and there is no extra charge for this.

5.     How well will I be speaking Italian when classes are finished?

Much of this depends on your ability to learn and your willingness to put some time into this away from the classroom. Our objective is to have you at a level where you will feel comfortable conversing in Italian. You will have the knowledge and the ability to converse your way through everyday life whether itís at a restaurant, the train station, the airport, the markets, or while sightseeing.

6.     Do we learn about Italy other than the language?

Absolutely! Much of understanding the Italian language is understanding Italian culture. We visit Italy nearly every year so we are in tune with what is happening in Italy and we can share our experiences and travel tips. Weíll also discuss Italian customs that have been handed down for generations, this way youíll understand more about your parents, your grandparents, and Italians everywhere. Italy is so many things, music, art, its people, cinema, and so much more. You will have a well-rounded education.

7.     What if Iím not Italian?

Not to worry, you will be when classes are finished! Our approach is with the assumption that you have no or very little knowledge of the Italian language or Italian culture. Therefore everything we do is thoroughly explained. Remember you are here to learn and to have fun!

If you have a question please send an email to ralvarez@learnitalian.us

Italy is Art, Italy is Food, Italy is Music, Italy is Cinema, Italy is its People, Italy is its Language

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