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Roberto Alvarez
Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will join us in the fun and stress free environment we provide for learning both Italian and Spanish. Our goal is to transform the language barrier into a bridge. Whether you are traveling, reconnecting with your heritage or improving your business communication skills we are here to help you achieve your goals.

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Conchita Tucker

Conchita and her family moved from Cuba to the United States when she was fifteen. She has also lived in Quito, Ecuador, Mexico City, Mexico and Monterrey, Mexico. Her proficiency in both English and Spanish produced a degree in secondary education. Conchita is presently enjoying teaching several levels of Spanish at a private high school in Tampa. Her responsibilities include a yearly trip with her students to Costa Rica.

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Anja Smulders
Anja earned her degree while studying in The Netherlands and in Malaga, Spain. After living in Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina for seventeen years she immigrated to the United States. Anja speaks seven languages and is presently teaching Spanish at St. Petersburg College and ESL, English as a Second Language in the Pinellas County School System. She is also involved with the Tampa Children's Home as a tutor for the Pinellas Schools Support Team.

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Claudia Godinho
Claudia was born and raised in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. While attending Purdue University she earned her masters' degree in Foreign Language Acquisition and a minor in ESL, English as a Second Language. Claudia has taught at Purdue University, Indiana University and Hillsborough Community College. She is presently teaching Spanish at a private school in Tampa while also being involved in the Student Exchange Program with students from Barcelona, Spain.

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Cecilia Pandolfi
Cecilia is a native of Colombia who immigrated to the United States while in her teens. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Cecilia has been teaching both Spanish and ESOL, English as a Second Language, for over fifteen years. During this time her experience includes teaching at two different Language Schools along with years of private instruction.
She is presently employed in the Pinellas County School System. In addition to language instruction she is also assisting students of all nationalities to assimilate themselves to life in the United States.

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